Kristine Wirt and George de Cossio
Wedding and family celebration in Sonoma wine country, October 14, 2006

We had a truly great trip to California October 12-17th to attend the wedding of my sister Kristine and her love, George de Cossio. They were married Saturday the 14th at Kenwood Community Church in Kenwood CA which was built by my great-great-grandfather David Wirt back sometime in the 1880s. It was a lovely ceremony with about a hundred people jammed into that little 125 year old church in the wine country.

I was truly honored that Kris asked me to give her away during the ceremony, even though I had only my white Levi's and a Hawaiian shirt to wear. When they told me the wedding would be casual, they forgot who they were speaking to... Fortunately she was already planning to walk down the aisle to the Hawaiian Wedding Song, so everything worked out and I wasn't totally embarrassed. The reception at Little Switzerland in El Verano CA featured about two hundred guests, superb food, and a great mariachi band followed by an incredibly talented group of musicians who seemed to have mastered every instrumental and vocal style, which kept everyone on the dance floor `til the wee hours.

Funny thing for me and Bettye, being in the middle of wine country with libations flowing like water, what with our teetotalling for the past two and a half years... Oh well, at least we had no hangover. Just a beautiful garden room at the Sonoma Valley Inn with a fireplace and all - The great crisp fall weather in Northern California just can't be beat.

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